Import Duty Information:
For shipments to Canada from Tarp Tie Down Company

Classic EZ Grabbit, Long Grabbit, and Bag Grabbit are subject to Canadian import duties because their country of origin is China. All our other products are made in the USA and are not subject to duties or handling charges.

Here's your quick info:                                               Reference Harmonize Code: 3926.90.9987 for these products.

Import duty rates vary by province, expect to pay:      8% to 15%.        (Duty rate only applies to product, not shipping.)
In addition, expect to pay a handling charge of:          CAN$9.95.         (Handling charge only applies if duty is charged.)

USA made products (Standard EZ Grabbit, Mini Grabbit, Rock Buster, EZ Adjust) are NOT subject to these charges.
Disclaimer: These charges are for reference only and may vary beyond what is stated here.

For details please visit:

Canadian Border Services Agency - Duty, Taxes and Handling Fees on Items Mailed to You.
Reference Harmonize Code: 3926.90.9987 for these products.

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