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Attention Canadian Shoppers
please see additional shipping info below.

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Additional Shipping Info
Select FREE shipping in checkout step 2 if your order is over $90.00.
FREE shipping applies to USA orders over $90.00 and Canadian orders over $90.00 will be discounted by the free shipping amount applied to stateside orders.
Select best shipping value in checkout step 2 if your order is under $90.00. If your order fits into a smaller flat rate box, we will refund you the difference.
If shipping outside USA or Canada, please contact us and we'll find you the lowest price shipping.
See what fits in a flat rate box

Attention Canadian Shoppers! 
If your order exceeds $90.00 we will discount your shipping by the free shipping amount applied to stateside orders.
Due to numerous complaints about non-duty related charges imposed upon delivery, we will now ship your order via USPS as of April 3rd 2017. The upfront shipping price for USPS is higher. But the complaints about the other carriers suggests you'll save with USPS. This is because USPS will not charge you non-duty related COD charges.

Maximize your Canadian Shipment Value
► USPS offers three flat rate box sizes. Almost all orders fit into these sizes. The flat rates are:
To Canada:
Small Flat Rate Box
To Canada:
Medium Flat Rate Box
To Canada:
Large Flat Rate Box
US$25.95 US$47.75 US$62.35

We start your shipping rate at medium.
We will credit you if it's fits into small, charge you if it only fits into large or other.
We will email a request for your approval if a change to small or large or other is needed.
See what fits in a flat rate box

Shipments to Canada of the classic EZ Grabbit (not standard EZ Grabbit), Long Grabbit, and Bag Grabbit may be subject to import duties Typically, the duties are collected by the delivery service upon reception.

▼ For detailed duty information please click ▼

Import Duty Information

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