About Tarp Tie Down Company

We are a family owned business. In 1997 we were on a camping trip. We set up the usual tent and a hodgepodge of tarps and rickety poles never knowing the better. A gusty wind came up and before you knew it the tarps and poles were cast asunder. Grommets were ripped out of the tarps, poles were bent into unusability and there we were, unhappy campers. The following winter we became determined to figure out a way to secure and effectively tie down tarps without the need for grommets or putting a hole in the tarp. With some ideas, an assortment of plastic plumbing pipe, and a late night in the garage, the linear grappler was born.

To our astonishment, we could not find any products like this on the market. The tarp tie downs already on the market were gimmicks and offered no solutions to honest tarp management. We decided everybody should have this new option for their tarp tie down needs. They are the Grabbit family of tarp tie downs.

The EZ Grabbit has become the most popular of all. It is the "standard issue" of the Grabbit tarp tie downs. At 6 inches (150mm) long it can manage your tarps to the limits of your imagination. Like most of our cutomers, once you've used Grabbits, you'll never go back. So take a look our Grabbit tarp tie downs and our product accessories and decide for yourself.

Thank you!

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