Do so much more with your tarps using the Mini Grabbit
(1) FAR SUPERIOR TO GROMMETS - Grommets never seem to be where you need them or they rip out. Use Mini Grabbits instead! (2) GRAB TARPS ANYWHERE - Grab tarps right where you want. You can even attach the Mini Grabbit to just one side of the tarp. (3) FASTEN TARPS TOGETHER - Attach two tarps together for a true rain flash!

Smallest in the Grabbit Tool family, the Mini Grabbit Premium Tarp Tie Down is ideal for lightweight tarp shelters, tent holds and much, much more.

This tarp tie down is much stronger than a grommet. The Mini Grabbit's holding strength is unequaled for a hold you can trust, even in high winds.

Thie Mini Grabbit Premium Tarp Tie Down is perfect for homeowners, backpackers, campers and others who need a tie-down device for almost any pliable fabric like tarp, plastic sheeting or canvas.

The 2 pieces are called the Dog Bone and Sleeve
The Mini Grabbit Tarp Tie Down is a two-piece tool consisting of the Dog Bone and Sleeve.

Create Lightweight Tarp Shelters
Since you can attach the Mini Grabbit anywhere, it's easy to create a lightweight tarp shelter.
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4 Complete Mini Grabbits and Rope Leaders When you order, here's what you get:
Four (4) complete two-piece Mini Grabbit Tarp Tie Downs.
Twenty-four (24) feet of 1/8" cord.

With four, six-foot sections of cord your Mini Grabbit Tarp Tie Downs are ready to use as soon as you open the package!

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