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These product testimonials are real and in no way paid for or coerced. The occasional extra included in an order is unrelated to the testimonial. The vast majority of these testimonials are about the EZ Grabbit Tarp Tie Down. Names are removed to protect the privacy of our clients. "XXXX..." is in reference to a store or retailer we used to be in. We are no longer in stores for we have discovered we are too specialized and can better use the internet to serve you.

Grabbit Tarp Tie Downs, the stories

Application: Camping
Hi, these EZ Grabbits are great. I like them a lot to make fast tarp shelters when I go camping. Thanks for such a great product and keep up the good service and work.
May 4, 2015

Application: Unknown
Brian - Just wanted to say thanks for the extra pack of the Grabbit Tarp Holder. We just love them – they work great – and now we’ll have a back up set. We got our first pack at XXXXXXX XXXXXX – but when we went back, they were out and could not get any. So glad to have found your website. And we’ll be sure to tell everyone about your great product.
November 14, 2011

Application: Tarp Awning on end of Truck
Thank you... The second order is #XXXX. BTW I have a set of these on the end of my truck camper to use as a tarp awning... Used the awning during very high winds gusts and heavy rains in Denali.. Worked fantastic!... Using now one set to protect a car from the elements during the winter will see how it works out.. Last year we had lots of snow and a recorded wind of 105mph.
November 11, 2012

Application: Haystack
I just started using them this summer when I started to cover a hay stack of small square bales. I have 3 heavy silver tarps tied together with them and have had no problem holding them together. I use the large size for this. I have used the Ez Grabbit and really like the way it hold tarps. I have 3 20 x 30 ft. tarps covering an outdoor hay stack. What we need now is a spike of some kind that can be placed (drove if you will) into the end of a hay bale to tie the tarp to when held with the Grabbit. Not sure if a insert and twist type item would be better than a straight in to hold it in place. In either case it would have to be removable as the hay is used/sold. Tying to the twine on hay bales is not always a good way to anchor the tarp. It would need to be capable of being used on small squares as well as the large round bales. Thank you for a great product.
August 14, 2008

Application: Pool Cover
I have a very large in ground pool that I have to cover with tarps (60’ X 40’ and 20’ X 40’) to keep dry. The pool is empty and I have a special epoxy paint that requires the concrete to be perfectly dry before application. I have tried every possible way to cover my pool that allows air to flow and to keep dirt, leaves, and rain out of my pool until temperatures and concrete conditions allow me to paint. I have tied all the tarps down using their grommets only to have wind tear right through them. So far your EZ Grabbits are working very well, although I have to get different stakes to anchor to because the wind is pulling up the stakes. None of the EZ Grabbits have failed or tore through the tarps yet. I need more Grabbits to better anchor the tarps for water runoff and security. I didn’t get the tarps fixed up until this past weekend (02-21-09). I need them to hold until the temperatures in Virginia reach above 60 degrees. If I can keep rain out of my pool then I will have several months for the concrete to dry enough to paint. Sorry for the long story, but my pool has been out of commission since last April and I don’t want to go another summer without my pool. I can send some pictures if you want.
February 25, 2009

Application: Hunting Camp
Greetings. It was with some small degree of dismay that I viewed your video clip about the construction of a lean-to shelter. We usually camp/hunt in the higher mountains in BC and WA. It is not uncommon to have 4-8" of snow fall overnight. The video appears to show that the 'proper' way to install these clips is to roll the tarp UP then place the clips on. This will certainly cause the snow to be retained ON the roof, or horizontal surface, rather than encourage it to fall off. We will be ordering another dozen or so of your EZ Grabbits for our next major hunt in the fall of 2006. The outfitters and park wardens that have visited our camp in the past have been truly amazed at the simplicity of the shelter(s) and how complete they are. The versatility of the tarps and clamps make this the ideal way to minimise the amount of weight and load to pack in. Thanks so much.
September 6, 2005
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Application: Unknown
In fact, all I really need is a handfull of sleeves as I have been using the grabbits for a number of years courtesey of my brother in Boulder. Unfortunately, good as they are and they really do what it says on the box, some sleeves tend to get lost over the years!
April 30, 2014

Application: Drag Tarp using Bag Grabbit
HI, Just bought your bag handle for the missus. She was impressed, as was I, with the simplicity of which used to be an aggravating job of pulling the tarp down to the burn pile.
June 4, 2008

Application: Unknown
I'm not fussy about the colour, blue, red, yellow or green are fine. I'd prefer not to have brown simply because brown is much harder to see on the forest floor if they come apart. These are a great product and well designed!
April 21, 2014

Application: Boat Storage
Rec'd my order and assumed you guys might like a little feedback. Wrapped up my boat last week. Installation of Grabbitts as advertised. Could not be easier. Please pass on my thanks to Brian for the extra units as I don't have his email address. Much appreciated. I will try to remember to give you an update in the Spring when I uncover boat and Grabbitts have had the test of a New England Winter with snow and northeast winds. From all I see I don't foresee any problems - looks like a great product.
November 17, 2010

Application: Unknown
I did always rave about them and why the other "whimpy" clips were useless and only tore a hole in the tarp.
April 30, 2004

Application: Bag Grabbit Bag Handle
Hi, I recently purchased a bag grabbit tool, it great. I was just wondering if it comes in colors other than yellow?
October 9, 2008

Application: Unknown
The package of 24 Hi Vis Green Grabbit's arrived on Friday. Thanks for your help in getting they up to me in Canada. Great Product !
July 6, 2014

Application: Construction
The roof of our building is now covered with seven large blue and metallicgray tarps which took about eight hours work, 70 EZ Grabbits tarp fasteners and 400 feet of 3/8" rope to accomplish.  We have kept each story of the building covered with tarps as we've built up and throughout the entire building process. Keeping things covered is getting more complex lately.  The EZ Grabbits are sometimes used alone to overlap and join tarps together edge to edge.  The EZ Grabbits are screwed into wood framing along the peaks and elsewhere to directly attach tarps, then many EZ Grabbits are attached to ropes to tie down tarp edges all around the perimeter.  We love the EZ Grabbits, they are amazing and we couldn't keep the rain out without them.  We ordered our metal roofing yesterday, and in two weeks the tarps will start coming down as we install the roofing. 
August 20, 2005

Application: Proprietary
I am writing to commend you on a great product, The EZ Grabbit. Additionally, I would like to take an opportunity to tell you how I have used the product and how it has benefitted me on the job.

Note from Tarp Tie Down Company: This client's application is kept confidential due to a market potential.
March 25, 2008

Application: Deck Cover
Thanks for the update. While our California winters are milder than other parts of the country, I've found your products to be extremely useful for high wind/rain situations around my house. The long grabbits are even better than the small ones for holding down tarp laid on a deck. I used to get the small ones locally at XXXX XXXXX, but they don't carry it anymore. They used to be displayed next to the tarps. I've tried to get them to reorder, but they seem disinterested, even though they always sold out. In fact, the store clerks blame the buyers. Thank goodness there's Google and the Internet.
October 26, 2012

Application: Camping
I just spent five days in the wilderness where four of your EZ Grabbit Tarp Tie Down devices allowed us to connect a 10 x 12 tarp to a 10 x 14 tarp and not only survive a torrential rainfall with 20 mph winds, but cook both a breakfast and dinner there while the rain was pouring down. I look forward to the increased possibilities with the bulk quantity currently in shipment. I wish you continued success and encourage you to continue to develop innovative products as you have been doing.
June 20, 2012

Application: Camping - RockBuster Ground Stake
“Seems like a lot of postage for 20 plastic tent stakes...but I have found them to be the best thing going for staking out a cook tent on a gravel bar in Alaska!”.
June 6, 2010

Application: Haystack in New Zealand
I have a 5 bay barn 15m long with three of those bays open for access. I have never got around to building the doors and now there is hay etc stacked in there I wanted to protect it from the elements. We are in a high wind zone and the normal fixing of tarps usually saw them rip at the eyelets. I purchased three new polytarps 3m x 3m and fixed the tops permanently to the beam across the opening. Down each side of each tarp I have 3 grabbits on bunge cord. Over the last 24 hours we have had the worst winds yet since they have been up and only one lowwer corner came loose. No sure why but an excellent result. At $10.00 NZ per tarp plus the grabbits, it was a cheap door.
May 24, 2002

Application: RV Cover
I use them for securing my RV cover after the built-in tie-downs tore out in a strong wind. So far, I have been very impressed with their performance. I think you are really on the right track with this product. I am impressed with your ingenuity.
May 19, 2010

Application: RV Cover
We have been selling the EZ- Grabbit tarp holders for some time now, first as a FMA product and now as a corporately supplied SKU. I was not totally convinced of their value until I used them to help hold down a tarp on our own RV. I was instantly addicted. If our store paid someone to stand at the display I believe it would pay for his or her salary twice over. The video supplied with the product is the best way to sell them. Without it people will just not understand their value. I believe that the use of EZ Grabbits will spread like fire as more and more people become addicted to the multiple uses. I will never tie on a tarp the same way again!!!!!!!!

Note from Tarp Tie Down Company: This is from the manager of a store chain we previously sold to.
May 19, 2005

Application: Camping
Hello, Brian; I stumbled upon your EZ-Grabbit tarp holders a couple of years ago and have been using them ever since. I've ordered several other sets for admiring onlookers. They're great for camping!
August 12, 2004

Application: unknown - but essential
We attempted to purchase locally and XXXX XXXXX has discontinued. XXXXX XXXXXX was out - these are essential when using with tarps I was surprised these and other local hardware stores did not have these in stock and promoting them more to those who purchase tarps for any purpose.
December 5, 2010

Application: Christmas Present
Sir/Ma’am, I just ordered my first set of tie downs after seeing them in The Family Handyman magazine. I am so excited to see my hubby’s and my dad’s faces when they open their Christmas presents! I just wish you offered a combo pack where you could get a few mountable and non mountable tie downs, or a few tie downs and the grab bag, or something like that. But, I will enjoy what you currently offer! Have a wonderful day.
December 2, 2010

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