EZ Grabbit Tarp Tie Down: Mountable vs Non-Mountable

The Standard EZ Grabbit is our mountable version. It has two features called mount risers on the Dog Bone. When screw mounted to a surface the mount risers are what contact the surface. The height profile of the risers permit clearance so the tarp and Sleeve can be properly engaged to the Dog Bone. You get all the great features and capability of the classic EZ Grabbit with the added capability of surface mounting so you can emanate a tarp from a surface.

The Classic EZ Gabbit is our non-mountable version. It does everything our standard EZ Grabbit does except it has no mounting points on the Dog Bone. Our non-mountable EZ Grabbits were produced prior to our injection mold modification that now produce our standard mountable EZ Grabbit. As always the performance of our non-mountable EZ Grabbit is as superior as our mountable EZ Grabbit.

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